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So… I have had a lot of odd jobs. This past 6 days I was managing a booth at the Vancouver Auto Show. It was a much better experience than I was expecting. Last minute, I found out that the company was putting us up in a room at the Fairmont. When I get there I also am told that a girl who isn’t necessarily the best person to work with, is no longer working at the event. The other girls and I were supposed to share the room together but none of them wound up going back to the hotel. I was blessed to enjoy the hotel to myself every night. I love love love hotel life!


The job itself wasn’t ideal. I was working with a car dealership to sign people up for credit cheques to see what kind of offers we could give them on financing or refinancing vehicles. Blah blah blah. But this booking may potentially lead to much bigger things. I met with the presidents and owners of some very wonderful companies that I see true potential in. There is one company in particular, which is launching a single person electric vehicle that I really hope to work with one day. I will be meeting with them tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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