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No Ragrets Kiss

Hey hey hey,
So some photos are going viral right now… A tv series I was recently on featured a kiss scene I had with a girl. Yes my makeout roll… I mean, breakout… Well not quite.

I was hired to kiss a girl, and yes I liked it. Only a week before that, I was booked for a flashback scene as the Lead when she was younger, and there too I had to kiss a girl.

The only differences between those two productions were that in the flashback scene, I was “In Barcelona” and all I was asked to do to peck my “girlfriend.” Whereas on Lucifer, I was in the devils apartment getting crazy. Relatively polar opposite but.. Still the same theme, kissing girls.

Now, my roommate just asked me to help her film a scene on Saturday… Just a little 4 pager. The script is called “Bottles of Wine,” absolutely hilarious might I add… But the story is one roommate telling the other that she has a crazy wild drunk experience with her and her boyfriend, but you never know if she is just messing around or it actually happened. Another thing I have coming up is, shooting a short where I have been asked to write the script, the concept was presented to me from a producer that I have always wanted to work with. Yet again, in the short you find out at the end that my character comes out of the closet.

I’m glad I know my stereotype, I will fully embrace anything that is going to help me get more work so I can develop my name.


No Ragrets Karie


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