Signed with 2 Companies Today!!

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So today I met with this new electric vehicle company, it went really well! We spoke for over an hour about working together and what I could do for the company and vice versa. The company will be going public in just under a month, which means there is a lot to do before to make sure everything is in order. I have never trusted myself with this high of number or this kind of job. This is the field of work I have been looking to go into but never thought someone would trust me at the age of 22 with this serious of a position… More details to come once I get the ball rolling.

The other company is something I have wanted to sign up with for a while but just wasn’t approached by the right people before. Now, I’m going to try a network marketing approach and hopefully will generate a good team around me to make some residual income. I know this sounds like a scheme and some of them are, but I have looked i not this company for 3 years. Just have been waiting for the right time. Hopefully it is now.

I just want to be successful. Whether I choose modelling, film, or business… I know there will be great successes in my near and distant future. Perhaps the film and modelling approach were my foot in the door for business? Who knows? The only thing I know is that I want to travel, have financial freedom and achieve greatness.

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