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I’m trying to balance everything on social media and it is honestly quite tough.. If I want to be consistent with Facebook posts on my account as well as my Facebook Page, Blog Posts on my website, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and now PocketLive.. I literally can’t have a regular person job.

Technically, I haven’t had a “regular job” since 2013 when I was trying to pay my way through university by serving. I DO NOT enjoy serving, and do a very bad job of it. But I just finished working 8 gruelling months on a film set. This consisted of 8-16 hour days, 1 half hour lunch break, and no time to really do anything else. I learned so much on this set and for that I truly am grateful.

This set took up so much of my time and energy where I couldn’t work on anything else or spend a lot of quality time with my family and friends because I didn’t even have time for myself. So, what I have realized is that FREEDOM is the most beautiful thing on the planet. One of my friends just got out of jail recently and he told me that he truly appreciates taking the bus, walking to the store and just being able to see his family and friends whenever he can. We had such a wonderful conversation about what it truly means to be free. This is what I strive for, financial and time freedom.

If I keep consistent with my posting, and deliver great content.. Then just maybe I will be able to find a sponsor or companies that want to partner with me along my many journeys in life. I want to be able to create my own projects and work alongside my very talented family and friends.

February 17th was my last day on set, since then I have technically only worked 7 actual work days and it has been life changing. I’m loving this new chapter.

Ps. I live stream almost every day on PocketLive… Another thing to add to the list but please check out the channel.

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