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Are you tired of feeling like you don’t belong in your small town? Well, I was too! That’s why, at the ripe age of 18, I decided to use modelling as my ticket to explore the wonders of the world. But now, I’ve decided to hang up my heels and I’m ready for a new adventure!

Through my incredible connections with people from all corners of the globe, I’ve discovered a passion for creating tailor-made retreats. Imagine joining me on a one-week getaway where we dive deep into our dreams, unlock our true potential, give back to the local community and let go of any baggage from our past that’s been holding us back. It’s like a therapeutic vacation for the soul!

I’ve always had a burning desire to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves, and these retreats are the perfect platform to do just that. Together, we’ll chart a course towards a brighter future, brimming with endless possibilities. So join me on this exciting journey and let’s make amazing memories that will last a lifetime! Don’t miss out, follow my travel blog for all the laughter, inspiration, and wanderlust-inducing stories you need in your life. Join me and let’s make a difference through travelling with a purpose.

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About Me

Stay happy, healthy, and humble

I grew up in Aldergrove, which just so happens to be my most and least favourite place on the planet, all at once. The memories I have made and knowledge acquired has helped me develop strong friendships, a very close bond with my family, and nature.

However, has also held me back from the mindset I need to achieve my dreams. Small towns: either hold you there, where you stick to the plan, go to school, start a family, and find a way to be content; or it pushes you to get out and pursue your dreams. This is what happened to me at least.

Thinking I was going to marry my highschool sweetheart, go to school, and become a doctor; still felt too small minded for my future. My whole life I knew that I wanted to become…

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