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I grew up in Aldergrove, which just so happens to be my most and least favourite place on the planet, all at once. The memories I have made and knowledge acquired has helped me develop strong friendships, a very close bond with my family, and nature. However, has also held me back from the mindset I need to achieve my dreams. Small towns: either hold you there, where you stick to the plan, go to school, start a family, and find a way to be content; or it pushes you to get out and pursue your dreams. This is what happened to me at least.

Thinking I was going to marry my highschool sweetheart, go to school, and become a doctor; still felt too small minded for my future. My whole life I knew that I wanted to become a doctor. I volunteered at the hospital for years and found any place I could to help out that spread from feeding the homeless, to renovating houses. After a couple years of schooling I soon came to the realization that medical schooling and encouraging the spread of pharmaceutical drugs was certainly not in the cards for me.

After my scholarships ran out I had to decide whether I was going to get student loans or work my way through school. Since I did not want to start digging myself into a deep whole of debt and I am a terrible waitress I had to explore different avenues to generate an income. Someone suggested I try modelling. My first photoshoot was at John Casablancas for a good friend of mines project, where everyone proceeded to call me a natural; yes my head grew two sizes that day..

From then on, I have always felt encouraged by the industry to push through the struggles because my agent and others have always seen potential that I may not know had existed. Acting and modelling soon became new passions of mine in 2013. This then developed into writing and any creative project I could get my hands on. Which lead me to realize that I’m not an actress, model, director, writer, or producer; I’m simply an artist.

Although I am not pursuing work in the medical field, I hope to one day dedicate my life to volunteering. Not on an individual basis, but globally.

Through my art, I plan to show the world something positive and get more artists to join the global movement.

-Alexandria Kayy

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