Blogging with Alex

New Webseries!

So, I don’t have a crazy budget for this web series but my partner and I just came up with a fun acting project… Pillow Talk! It will be multiple short skits showcasing our talents [...]

Social Media Madness!!

I’m trying to balance everything on social media and it is honestly quite tough.. If I want to be consistent with Facebook posts on my account as well as my Facebook Page, Blog Posts on my [...]


I find myself asking others what their goals are, both in the near future and what may seem like the far off distance. Growth is something I find fascinating about any individual. We should all [...]

Great Wall of China

Want to know a fun fact about my family history? We are very keen on uncovering more about our ancestry.. However, there is a certain point where my family tree comes to a screeching halt. Many [...]


Nee how, Today is the day, that I climb the Great Wall of China. This is something I have wanted to do ever since I was a little girl… Wish me luck, I will update tonight.  

Uncovering Beijing

This morning I woke up and devoured an incredible breakfast. Midway through my meal, I thought I was having an allergic reaction unlike anything I have ever felt before. My skin was tight, dry, [...]

Day 2 Beijing

Well.. I made a video in the morning.. But I have no clue how to upload it due to the fact that Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Dropbox are blocked on these internet servers.. Hmmm.. [...]

Beijing Day 1

Don’t go there it’s dangerous, the smog is way too bad, I hear that the food is all radioactive… These are some of the things I have been hearing from people for days and weeks leading up to this [...]

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