Find Your Freedom

"C" word

The “C” word is so powerful, and arguably one of the most offensive words in the English language; yet, we seem to throw this, along with many other crude Anna-Hall-Photography2015__DSC8355slanders, to people daily.

If you have heard these words once, twice or a million times it will effect you regardless of the context.

Many of these photos will not make it on social media because I do not feel it is appropriate for younger people that follow me to read this, or see more exposing images. I think it was necessary for me to strip down to nothing with these words covering the majority of my body to show the vulnerability and impact of how much they affect an individual at all times.

I hope with this upcoming short film project that I will be able to impact people on the words we call each other and ourselves.

Do not allow anyone to degrade yourself or others, know your worth, find your freedom!

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