Seize Every Day of the Year

Everyone feels the need to dedicate a large portion of the first month of their year to these odd things called a Resolution.
By definition it means “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” However, to our society this word has been overused and is now something that is trending at the start of each new year.

It has only just been a week into my 2016 and I set some goals that I have already failed to abide by. Gluten and dairy are still in my diet, I haven’t made time to work out once and I’m probably still going to continue to have a messy room.

Instead of setting these silly annual “Resolutions” I think we should all focus a little more on what to eat or not to eat, make more time for the family, work our ass off (literally and figuratively) and make some more time to relax. We are always so focused on what’s next that we need to think about what’s now.

Seize every day of the year

~Alexandria <3




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